7 weeks ago, I decided that I was sick of hating the cold.  It got so bad that I started dreading September because I knew October followed, and in October the temperature starts dropping.  It was taking a major toll on my happiness 7 months of the year.  
I decided it was time to face my fear and weakness head on.  It was time to embrace the cold.  If I was going to live in a cold climate, I needed to be happy in that climate.  
So, when the first snow fell, my youngest boys Forest, Reed and I went and rolled around in it.  It was painful, but exciting and invigorating also.  Instead of running from it, we would play in it.  Every day we would create a new challenge to keep it exciting.  After a couple weeks, I decided that we needed some sort of goal to work towards to keep us motivated.  And what better than a polar plunge.  I bought a water trough so we could practice dipping in the water also, and our training program was born.  Forest eventually decided that the cold wasn't for him, but Reed (who is 7 years old)  was all about it.  I'm pretty sure he motivated me more than I motivated him.  
 Here's a few videos of our training for you to enjoy.  
Side note: other than working up to a few minutes in the trough (waist deep), most of our sessions lasted a grand total of 1-2 minutes max.  I wanted to have fun with this and keep it healthy.  
So get out there and enjoy your environment.  You'll be healthier.  You'll be happier.



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    January 2017